Yamfinder: Southern New Guinea Lexical Database

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version 1.01 build 190 09/09/2014

Welcome to The Yamfinder Lexical Database.

This is the comparative lexical database for the Languages of Southern New Guinea projects.
For more information please visit project website.

The Yamfinder Lexical Database contains core lexical information from languages across the southern New-Guinea region. It allows users to search, display and discover information about the lexical content and relatedness across the region.

Please find the current version of the user documentation here.

For more information about the project, team and the Yamfinder tool see the about tab.

This database is still under construction and not currently available to the public.

How to Cite:

This database would not exist were it not for the invaluable support of our many collaborators. It is important for us that our collaborators receive the credit they are due. If you use the database we ask that you cite it as follows:

  • Carroll, Matthew J. & Nicholas Evans, I Wayan Arka, Christian Döhler, Eri Kashima, Volker Gast, Tina Gregor, Julia Miller, Emil Mittag, Bruno Olsson, Dineke Schokkin, Jeff Siegel, Charlotte van Tongeren, Kyla Quinn. (2016). Yamfinder: Southern New Guinea Lexical Database. http://www.yamfinder.com. Accessed: (DATE)

If you are interested in using the Yamfinder tool as part of your own comparative project please contact us. Please direct all enquiries to: Matthew Carroll.